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About Ellsworth
Publishing Co. (EPC)

  • Est. 1976, business machines workbooks.
  • All software development and support is in-house.
  • 1989, Keyboarding and Ten Key Data Entry software.
  • 2003, Internet based Keyboarding and Ten Key Data Entry.
  • Author Barbara Ellsworth taught keyboarding and office technologies for 40+ years at Mesa Community College.
  • Staff with great senses of humor, committment, and a desire to have fun.
  • A company that leads the pack with cutting-edge features and technologies for keyboarding.
  • Same place, same phone number (except for area code changes), same ownership for over 30 years--yes, we aren't going anywhere.
  • Cost controls and cost consciousness to keep products affordable for schools and their students.
  • The leading provider of online keyboarding!

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have a student who thinks he is rather clever starting an exercise then waiting out the timer. He was quite proud of himself for successfully recording a score of 2wpm on every line of the lesson. This time out feature was created just for him. The date stamp has also been an incredible tool to paint a clear picture of how he is really spending his time in class. THANK YOU!

S. Cottle,

We suppose that it can be said that we are a small publisher. We rely on word-of-mouth and the 30+ educational conferences and workshops that we exhibit at around North America on a yearly basis. Our staff is entirely commission free and yet motivated to provide the best support our customers have experienced.

We are a niche publisher of keyboarding and ten key data entry, our focus is on these few things--and we do it well. We invite you to experience the EPC difference: High Quality/Low Maintenance software that makes keyboarding education more simple and highly effective.
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