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For our Homeschools!

Thank you for coming to visit Keyboarding Online! We would love to have you as our customer, but we don't have many Homeschools using our program. The reason is that our program can be cost prohibitive for only a handful of students ($209/year! Yikes!). Rather than having you sign up, set up your school and students, and then quit us after just 2 months, we would love it if you visited our sister site KeyboardMastery.com and sign up with them.

KeyboardMastery.com uses our software and provides it to individuals and homeschools FREE of charge. Now you can use our software and not even worry about the cost.

If you would like to use our program through Keyboarding Online, we would love to have you! Just contact us using the link above and let us know and we will help get you set up. If the cost of our program is too much, our sister site is the next best thing!

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Keyboard Mastery Keyboarding for Kids Keyboard Short Course Skillbuilding Mastery Ten Key Mastery
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Summary of Unique Features
  • No textbooks needed; Textbook version available
  • Absolutely no course software to install or maintain on school equipment
  • No papers to grade, print, handle or turn in to teacher
    • Scores, progress, and mid-term/final grades are automatically calculated, recorded and viewed in the students' data files and in the Teacher Manager
  • Individualize to fast or slow learners
  • Ten Key Mastery has the above features, plus Three Employment Tests
  • Unique software feature keeps keyboarding students' eyes on the copy--not fingers or keys (no keyboard covers needed). Teachers can turn off the timing screen so students learn to keep their eyes on the copy and not their fingers or keys. Speed and accuracy appear after each drill timing.
  • Option to turn off correction keys (Backspace/Delete)
  • FREE Formatting downloadable textbook to customers of Ellsworth Publishing Co.
    • Nuts 'n' Bolts Formatting includes Business Letters, Memos, Tables, Reports, Proofreading Marks, Outlines, Itineraries, Mail Merge, Using E-Mail, Job Search Skills, etc., using Microsoft™ Word. Teachers don't want to have to purchase thick, expensive keyboarding textbooks that contain formatting directions that become obsolete every 2 years when Microsoft™ updates its version. Ellsworth Publishing Company doesn't want to have to cover the printing and storage costs of soon-to-be obsolete textbooks. So, Ellsworth Publishing Company took all the formatting out of its keyboarding courses/textbooks and offers it online to our customers FREE. We will keep up with the version changes. It's a WIN WIN!
  • FREE Introduction to Microsoft™ Applications downloadable textbook to customers of Ellsworth Publishing Co.
    • Introduction to Microsoft™ Applications includes Windows/Vista (or Current Operating System), Publisher, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. We will keep up with the version changes and offer it online to our customers.
Ten Key Mastery
(20-25 hours, 30 if employment tests are stressed) teaches the numeric keypad with speed and accuracy stressing industry standards for data entry (12,000+ ksph with 98%+ accuracy). Proficiency on three actual employment tests helps the student meet employment standards: a test used in a Temporary Help Agency, a test from a National Credit Card Processing Center, and a National Bank data entry test. Timing drills are 1 - 5 minutes, with the bank employment test being 10-minutes. (Appropriate for High School, College, Vocational Programs.)
Keyboard Mastery
(55-60 hours) is an intensive course that will teach beginners how to type and teach experienced typists to type faster. Covered are alphabetic keys, punctuation, numbers and symbols. Teachers can choose which lessons to cover (such as omitting numbers and symbols lessons; assigning Lessons 1-11 to beginners and Lessons 12-24 to experienced typists, etc.). Timing drills include 15-second, 30-second, 1-minute, 2-minute, 3-minute, and Optional Timings of 3-minute, 4-minute, and 5-minute. This course is best as a quarter, semester, or year-long course; there are over 560 timed drills. (Appropriate for Middle school - College)
Keyboard Short Course
(23-30 hours) is a condensed version of Keyboard Mastery (55-60 hours). It can be configured to longer or shorter hours. This course is great for beginners, or experienced typists that need to quickly improve their speed and accuracy from 10-20+ wpm. It also fits nicely in with another class where keyboarding is desired but not the main emphasis. (Appropriate for Middle school - College)

Speed and accuracy are emphasized on short timing drills in Lessons 1-12. The majority of these lesson drills cover alphabetic and punctuation keys (numbers and symbols can be added if desired). Most timing drills are 15-second, with 30-second, 1-minute, and 2-minute timing drills. If time permits, 3-, 4-, and 5-minute timings can be added.

In situations where Keyboard Short Course (28-30 hours) might be too short and Keyboard Mastery (55-60 hours) might be too long, students can go through the course a second time. Teachers can assign a higher grading scale and have students go back to the beginning and raise all lesson scores to a new higher level. The best way to improve speed and accuracy is to go over the basics again at a higher rate of speed (within the accuracy standard). Example: A course has 5-6 weeks to teach keyboarding and then it has to concentrate on other things. In the totally online version (no textbook), keyboarding homework can be assigned just like any other course. After the 5-6 weeks, assign a new higher grading scale. During the first 10-15 minutes of class during the rest of the semester/quarter/year, while the teacher is taking roll or other duties, students can use that time to go back to Lesson 1 and bring all scores up to the new goal. Students are practicing and improving their keyboarding skill during the rest of the semester without taking away from regular class time.
Skillbuilding Mastery
(55-60 hours) is an advanced keyboarding course designed to increase keying speed and accuracy to employment levels of 50+ wpm. Prerequisite: 32-35+ wpm by touch-without looking at keys. Timing drills include 15-second, 30-second, 1- to 5-minute timings, with emphasis on the longer 5-minute timings. The timing data is taken from well-known Human Relations books, so while improving speed and accuracy students learn how to make friends and influence people, handle an irate customer, prepare an interesting speech, motivate employees, etc. This course is best as a quarter or semester course; there are 517 timing drills. (Appropriate for High School - College)
Keyboarding for Kids
Grades 1-6, teaches keyboarding correctly to young children at the time when computers are first introduced to them. The content is phonetic by grade and reading level to facilitate learning reading along with learning keyboarding. Drills are 15-second timings with up to 1-minute timings for older children. Students are rewarded with different animated characters that give the "thumbs-up" sign, dances, or claps when students reach or exceed their speed/accuracy goal. (Most schools begin keyboarding in 2nd or 3rd grade.)

Use it with ALL your students. 10 students or 1000 students, we want you to see how well it works for your entire school.

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